Home Construction Building Materials Advantages and Disadvantages

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The actual strategic role in sustainable construction includes the rational control of the use of materials and energy, the controlled reduction of total emissions and the emphasis on the selection and use of accepted quality and reliability, the functions of which not only meet the requirements of the best indoor climate, but also avoidance pollution corresponds more to environmental standards. The use of natural building materials is essential for the creation of sustainable and healthy living space for residents and the environment.

Practice of hemp, ash concrete and rammed earth

Concrete in particular, although it is one of the most commonly used building materials in the world and you buy this building materials online purchase. It has a major adverse environmental impact during its manufacture and transportation. One of the main components of concrete, sand, is also a component that is deficient due to the high demand for the manufacture of this building material. An alternative to river sand is under investigation, and one example of a successful alternative is wood chips that have been tested and are as effective as sand. The better option is, of course, not to use concrete at all, but more natural materials. Hemp concrete, a mixture of hemp and limestone, is one such alternative and is considered to be more sustainable than concrete. Another alternative is ash concrete made from coal ash, a by-product of coal burning that helps the environment by recycling substances that would otherwise pollute the earth. Rammed earth is another option. Rammed earth has been used for many years and can last a long time.

Although the main benefits of using natural building materials in construction are their environmental impact, we should not forget that using materials that are easier to find in nature has economic benefits. The use of natural and local materials is very helpful in making it easier for people and low-income families to access cheap housing. When we talk about using natural materials and thinking about how natural materials are cheaper, low-cost buildings are not necessarily the same as low-quality buildings.

It will be some time before the mainstream buildings have fully adapted to the use of natural materials in practice. Given the fact that there is already a lot of scientific knowledge and research indicating that the use of natural materials will and should take place in addition to the durability and lifespan of buildings. The best way to buy building materials online, it saves your time and transportation cost.

The climate is one of the most important factors, but so are other environmental factors such as floods and air pollution.

Recycled steel

This material causes a sensation as an environmentally friendly alternative, which is an ecologically friendly alternative to wooden beams in residential buildings. Recycled steel scrap reduces the energy requirement for steel production by up to 75% and protects trees. Because it can withstand strong winds and even earthquakes, it is also very durable and very well suited to areas hit by hurricanes. However, the exposed steel beams don’t have the beauty of the wood. Steel is also a building material that is heavier than wood, and the initial cost can be higher.


Wood is probably the most popular building material for houses and has many advantages. Unlike steel, it is relatively light and easy to cut. It is also easy to add decorative elements to the wood structure to increase deterrence.

The disadvantages of the wooden construction include the susceptibility to water damage, fire, and decay. When buying a wooden construction house, it is very important to check the integrity of the beams, etc. Compared to environmentally friendly building materials (such as composite wood or recycled steel), wood is also less environmentally friendly.


These materials are fireproof and non-perishable, which makes them ideal for strong foundations. Reinforced concrete blocks can also withstand almost any environmental impact. In addition, these materials save the labor costs required for timber construction. Bricks are usually made from renewable raw materials, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

The disadvantages of brick / concrete block construction are the high weight of the material and often require a deep foundation. Perforated bricks tend to form mold in humid environments, and this material can also be damaged by the growth of plants like ivy. Another disadvantage of brick / concrete buildings is that they become very brittle in an area affected by earthquakes. In this case, wooden and steel structures are high-quality building materials. Always check the quality of the bricks and make sure that the construction work is carried out by skilled workers. Although bricks can be replaced, the process is expensive and requires skilled workers.

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