Don’t be outdated, keep learning continuous

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Don’t be outdated, keep learning continuous…

One of my friend was doing good in her life. She was happy with her job and getting proper appreciation from her employer. Suddenly one day she lost her job due to project assignment ended by client.

Now she is looking for new job in market. She is confident enough, that sooner she will get a good job. But she is wrong, after 7 months struggle she is still jobless.

She approached to me and seeking career guide. I suggested her to think all possible reasons that were stopping her to achieve her job goals.

After, a week she discovered few amazing life lessons, that she shared with me.

1. Learning should never..never stopped whether you are jobless or in job. Once you stopped it, you become outdated very soon.

2. Job search should be planned, you should have crystal clear vision (what you are looking for, what all possible ways are & what you have to do).

3. Technical knowledge is demanded as per job, but soft skills play judgmental role in every case.

4. A good resume is true picture of you, but always remember… your words & behavior in front of recruiter is video one.

5. If you don’t know something..its ok !!Accept it. It is still better than giving them foolish explanations.

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