Corporate rules for happy life

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Corporate rules for happy life:-

#1. Trust nobody.

#2. What happens in office, remain in office. Never take office gossips to home and vice versa.

#3. Enter office on time, leave on time. Your desktop is not helping improvement in your health.

#4. Never make GF/BF and/or brother/sister in office. It will always backfire.

#5. Expect nothing. If somebody helps, feel thankful. If not, you will learn to know things on your own.

#6. Never rush for position. If you get promoted, congrats. If not, it doesn’t matter. You will always be remembered for your knowledge and politeness, not for your designation.

#7. Never run behind office stuff. You have better things to do in life.

#8. Avoid taking everything on your ego. Your salary matters. You are being paid. Use your assets to get happiness.

#9. It doesn’t matter how people treat you. Be humble. You are not everyone’s cup of tea.

#10. In the end nothing matters except family, friends, home, and Inner peace.

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