Category: Database

A background to databases

Databases are complicated. Thankfully the knowledge a Web developer needs is a bit less. These pages may still make you cry! What is here is very simplified but should be enough for you to then start the beginners’ MySQL tutorial pages and create useful pages.

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  1. What is a database?
  2. Database fields and their attributes
  3. Database primary keys
  4. Database relationships
  5. Database integrity
  6. Entity relationship diagrams
  7. Normalisation
  8. Database indexes
  9. Local and server databases
  10. PHPMyAdmin
  11. Using PHPMyAdmin to connect to a MySQL server
  12. Using PHPMyAdmin to create users
  13. Using PHPMyAdmin to create databases
  14. Using PHPMyAdmin to create tables
  15. Using PHPMyAdmin to enter data
  16. Using PHPMyAdmin to create relationships
  17. Using PHPMyAdmin to backup MySQL data
  18. Using PHPMyAdmin to import data